Read More Books, or Getting to Use the Glass Display Case is Serious Business

I only get to use the fancy-schmancy glass display case at the entrance to the library every other month. When I’m not using it, the Adult Services librarian gets her chance. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a little competitive about this. I always feel the need to have the better display, especially since it’s only been recently that I’ve been allowed to use it.

The inspiration for this display comes from some graffiti someone once told me about. I realize that’s kind of vague, but I only remember how rad I thought it was that there was pro-literacy graffiti. I’ve never seen it in person, because apparently it’s in Gowanus, which is a part of Brooklyn I never happen to visit. Anywho, the message is "Read More Books", a pretty good motto to live by. Because, honestly, I don’t care what the kids read. I just want them to read a lot. Bunches and bunches and piles of books.

The perfect die-cut letters come from Etsy, which used to have a function called Alchemy. Alchemy is no more (apparently it’s being revamped), but you used to be able to ask for a product you’d like to have and how much you’d be willing to pay for it. I didn’t pay much for these letters. Trying to cut out straight, uniform letters would have given me a nervous breakdown, so it was definitely worth the money.

I let the kids decorate the letters however they liked. One letter says “I Like Mrs. Ded” (no idea who that is). Another says “Read Every Day” (Amen, munchkin!). Others are covered in miscellaneous yet fun stuff that was hanging around in the craft cabinet. I love the overall effect. It’s so festive and cheerful and so uniquely “them”.

I also displayed the canvas paintings the kids made during another craft session. They were very happy to see them up in the branch and I catch them pointing out the paintings to their friends and families.

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